Apps & Cloud Systems – Flexibility – Hybrid Systems

Protocol has developed a range of straightforward cloud solutions to assist your business adoption of Cloud Systems and Applications.
Protocol can assist the design of a wide range of solutions including completed Cloud Systems, In House Cloud Systems or Hybrid systems that link In-House and Cloud Systems
Protocol provides guidance to design and develop Cloud System introduction to ensure a smooth and efficient migration that will deliver the greatest benefit for your business.

•    Add Cloud Applications to your existing systems to improve and new functions business operations
•    Move old or aging systems to the cloud 
•    Plan hybrid cloud systems to provide the best access and performance of your systems
•    Link existing systems to Cloud Applications to extend the reach and access to your data and systems
•    Move major systems to the Cloud to reduce infrastructure commitments and provide flexibility to your business decisions
•    Utilise in-house and hosted Cloud Systems to extend the access to your core business systems

Protocol experience and expertise will design systems to overcome any barrier to adopting Cloud System and ensure the most cost effective communications and platforms are implemented.


Apps and Associated Services

Smartphones and tablets have introduced the world to rapid low cost app selection, purchase and installation.
Cloud applications provide the ability for business to add applications for their businesses simply and without costly infrastructure design and costs.
The selection, trialling and testing of Cloud Apps eliminates the penalties of applications that do not fit the need or under deliver. 
Protocol assist with the processes to match requirements to Cloud Apps with business requirements and make the best selection in the first place. Protocol expertise also comes into play to assist selecting Cloud Apps that have the best technical platform for success.
Cloud Apps can be matched against your existing systems and other Cloud Systems to provide the best integration to your environment.
Cloud systems such Office 365 also include App Stores to enable you to extend your Cloud Environment simply and for minimal cost.


Infrastructure in the Cloud – Move your Systems and Servers to the Cloud

Cloud based Systems Infrastructure is becoming a common approach to more effectively manage the IT Systems to reduce replacement or implementation costs and to deliver a flexibility by not being locked into a fixed system.
Business and systems growth and changes are easily adopted and not impacted by upfront implementation and project costs.
Cloud Systems provide business location flexibility.


Hybrid Cloud Systems

The structure of businesses often demand that Cloud Systems meet many goals. The location of business groups, data volumes and in-office vs mobile access can dictate a need for systems that meet the facilities provided by traditional and also Cloud Systems.
Protocol designs can design Hybrid Cloud solution to meet the requirements for in-house, legacy and new generation Cloud Systems.
Hybrid Cloud solutions can deliver large data volumes locally to centralised business teams while providing remote and mobile staff access to business Data using all the benefits of Cloud Systems.

•    Local high speed access for business or traditional systems 
•    Cloud based email for internal and remote access flexibility
•    Cloud data sharing across your organisation
•    Data sharing between local in house teams and remote workers 
•    Add Cloud data integrity and security to in house operations 
•    Scalability flexibility to Business Systems 

Communicates the Key Cloud Connector

Moving the Cloud Systems increases the dependence on communications from the Business to the Cloud.
Protocol and associated communications business can improve communications for Cloud Systems to deliver the robustness and uptime required.