Microsoft Office 365 – Delivering Mail Systems and many applications services


Microsoft have made extensive investments worldwide to ensure their technology and systems are available to the widest audience possible. Microsoft have opened key data centres in Melbourne and Sydney to meet the requirements of the Australian Market and remove the concerns of data location and security.
Microsoft bundles many cloud services and applications with the core functions such as email to ensure there is a compelling choice for the Microsoft Cloud solution.

A range of Office 365 plans enable solutions to be developed to your business requirement. This can range from Email services through providing Office Software and onto enterprise options such as Advanced Retention, Discovery and compliance management.
Office 365 Key Features

•    Business Class Email, Calendaring and Contacts 
•    Very Large Mailboxes
•    WEB based Office Excel, Work and PowerPoint
•    Business Online Meetings
•    Corporate Social Network
•    Cloud Storage

Office 365 Business and Software Features
•    Access to the latest Microsoft Office for PCs, Tablets and Smartphones
•    Install on multiple systems

Office 365 Enterprise Features
•    Office applications for Terminal and Remote Desktops 
•    Intranet Sites 
•    Interactive Story Boards, Reports and Presentations 
•    Corporate Video Portal
•    Meeting Broadcasts
•    Business Intelligence to Analyse and Visualise Data
•    Compliance and Information Protection