Proactive Support

Protocol Pro-Active Support manages your IT System to ensure reliability and performance. 
Your systems receive timely reviews and reporting. Monitoring of key indicators ensure systems maintenance that provides the highest uptime and availability. 

Protocol works as a team with your business and staff to ensure key performance items are serviced efficiently for the smoothest operation. As a team with your business, Protocol guides your business through the technicalities of operating IT systems to deliver you simple and effective management of your systems.
Planning of services delivers the most cost effective method for delivery of system reliability.

Monitoring Reporting and Management

Monitoring key IT Systems ensures optimal reliability and consistency. Key details about your systems are monitored and reported to ensure system management is efficient, cost effective and delivers benefits to your business.

Protocol provide a range of support models to mirror and work with your business management and staff skills.

The Protocol team marries business and technical skills to provide you with a business focus to managing your IT Systems. The Protocol team has long standing experience in development of and delivery of business systems, ensuring solutions provide the most effective outcome for your business. This comes from understanding your business needs to deliver timely and cost effective systems that focus on becoming an asset to the business.
Protocol provides direct access to our consultants and key managers to ensure you get the most rapid response. You get direct access to the people you need and avoid low level or outsourced support desks that eliminates delays. You get to contact the key support team directly. The most rapid response and analysis of your queries is provided. Speed of providing solutions is enhanced through direct interaction with our team.
The Protocol team provides rapid support and solutions using a range of remote support tools. We can immediately review and answer your questions. We can work with you directly on your questions Communication is highly efficient because we work with you directly on your computer and screens. Support delays are eliminated. Protocol work as a team with your staff to ensure rapid and efficient delivery of IT Support. Remote support provides cost effective and timely management of your IT questions.
On-Site Support provides a face to face experience working with your team to efficiently work on your IT goals. The Protocol team are located conveniently around Melbourne to provide rapid and timely support in your office. With Protocol as part of your team on-site, our visits are valuable review sessions to monitor the integration of your systems in your business and the use by your staff. This will assist your business to achieve the best results and returns from your people and your systems.

Cost Management

Protocol’s priority is to manage your systems costs and ensure you achieve the highest performance and efficiency. Protocol will develop plans for management of your systems that will provide cost effective IT Systems, flexibility and security.

Business Continuity and Security

Protocol provides a wide range of solutions and packages to ensure Business Continuity in the event of site disasters. Plans are jointly designed and developed to remove the risk of interruption to your business operations and ensure rapid re-establishment of operations meet business goals and costings.
Security of your IT Systems operations is a critical element to ensure smooth business operations. Protocol jointly develops security systems and protection for your internal systems and external internet connections to ensure threats and interruptions are eliminated.